Good morning TIG miracle workers,

It’s jade here, the normally super stressed, bloated, nauseated and constipated up to the eye balls woman.

I have been on your guide since day one. I’ve eaten like you’ve told me to, drank water like you’ve told me too, slowed down like you’ve told me too. And my god. What a difference. I haven’t been bloated for a week now and it feels so good.

I don’t know if it’s the added fibre. That’s what I’ve changed this week, but my god. What a change. I can’t put my finger on it exactly.

I wouldn’t say I’m bounding with energy, but I feel happier. I’ve even worn my work trousers this week that stay at the back of the draw because they hurt when I’m bloated.

I know I’ll have ups and downs. But so far I’m really noticing a difference. I have a Hen weekend coming up. So I’m planning on how to manage this, but I’m going to do it well. Thanks to you guys.

I’m excited to carry on and live this new lifestyle.

Happy weekend ladies and here’s to a happy Gut 🙂


I’ve been loving TIG so far, particularly the way the website is set out to easily digest (no pun intended!) the language is so accessible and you’ve provided a great deal of recipes too. I’m currently living in Hong Kong, so I’ve struggled to join the Facebook live sessions given the time difference, though I really appreciate your desire (and eagerness) to hear our questions and learn about our experiences. In this spirit, I hoped you wouldn’t mind me sharing some of mine with you here.


Oh my… you and Madeline have genuinely put tougher the best resources on FODMAP I’ve ever seen – I thought the Low FODMAP list was good, then I checked out the ingredient, meal swap and the pantry list!!!! I’m printing the pantry list immediately and sticking it in to my diary. You’ve clearly spent so much time and thought on all of these – thank you so much!


I think I have found the changes a little overwhelming, partly because it’s changing habits that I have got myself into over the last 8 years and partly because I am seeing changes that I never thought I’d see.  Mainly I enjoy the eating as much as the cooking again. I guess I’m trying to say that TIG has helped me on both levels, with my triggers and mentally. I can’t thank all involved enough.


Finally even though I feel I am now happier, less stressed and in more control because I have joined the TIG.


Thank you both so much for providing TIG, already I feel like I have got more than my money’s worth and I’m so excited to follow through the next few weeks.


I wanted to thank you both again for TIG – this is helping me in so many ways.  My stomach, bowel, cooking good food again and my bank balance. As I am now only buying the food I need for my meals and not over buying food that is either wasted or put in the freezer!